Rocket Cab Model Chicago 2x12 Custom Solid Pine Speaker Cabinet.

Rocket Cab
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Rocket Cab

Chicago 2X12


  • Solid Premium Eastern White Pine.
  • Beautiful half blind dovetail joinery.
  • Classic floating baffle design.
  • Custom Dimensions.
  • Choice of Tolex and Grill Cloth.
  • Choice of back panel options.
  • Switchcraft input jack, wiring and speaker hardware included.


New Handcrafted Fender style 2x12 cabinet. 

28"W 18"H 10.5"D


Our most popular cabinet, the Chicago 2x12 delivers a big sound field yet remains light weight and easy to handle.

Solid pine and a  classic floating baffle design, allows this cab to resonate in harmony with your speakers and produce huge warm tones with incredible presence.  

Available with open, closed, convertible or oval "D" style back panels.



A word about Vintage Fender Cabinet Construction. Info by Greg Gagliano. (Amp Historian) 

"From circa 1972 to the early 1980s, the cabinets were no longer made from solid pine boards, but cheaper laminated, multi-piece pine boards. Each side of the cabinet was made from several pieces about three or four inches wide, glued side-to-side, to make up a plank the depth of the cabinet. These laminated cabs were not finger joined, but rabbet joined. The baffle board on these rabbet joined cabinets was mortised into the sides and bottom (i.e. - not removable) to hold the whole thing together. That’s why these post-1972 cabinets have the grill cloth stretched across a frame that is attached by a velcro-like system to the baffle. CBS almost certainly went to this construction method to save money, though at the expense of overall quality."

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  • 5
    great cabinet

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2016

    The quality of build and sound are excellent. Great customer service by Paul and a great price too.

  • 5
    nice handmade 2x12 cab

    Posted by Jason on 5th Dec 2015

    I ordered one with no Tolex and finished it with watco Danish oil. It is loaded with Jensen blackbird speakers and looks and sounds great, thanks Paul

  • 5
    Loaded with Texas Heat

    Posted by Mike Smith on 8th Oct 2014

    Paul did a GREAT job of building my cabinet! During the process he kept me informed of how it was coming along and when it would ship. Everything went smoothly. The price he quoted was the price I paid and I got my cab when he said I would. On top of that, the craftsmanship is PERFECT and the cab absolutely screams. Terrific job. Best price and highest quality product I have bought in a long time. I will definitely go back if I need any other cabinets in the future. Thanks Paul :)

  • 5
    Exceptionally Well Built Cabinet

    Posted by Jim Laxton on 3rd Mar 2014

    Paul was great to work with. I told him what speakers I was using, and what I wanted to accomplish, and he suggested the cabinet. He made the back of the cabinet where it can be either open or closed. He used t-nuts, such that I don't have to worry about stripping out wood screws, when I change the back pieces. The workmanship on this cabinet is great. I haven't found anything that could have been done better, and it sounds great!!

  • 5
    2x12 Celestion Vintage 30's closed back fixed baffle.

    Posted by Beacon Tube Amps on 31st Dec 2013

    Great looking and sounding cab. My first and last call for any cabinet work!

  • 5
    What a great cab!

    Posted by Donnie Kepley on 25th Aug 2013

    I'm leaving my Rocket cab in the studio while I sit in front of my control room's monitors with my Dr. Z Maz Jr. or my Victoria Double Deluxe sitting next to me. Currently loaded with a combination of Weber speakers (a ceramic Silver Bell and an Alnico 12A150A), the Rocket sounds like what I imagine a nice vintage open back 2-12" would sound like. The workmanship in the cabinet is top notch - beautiful solid pine that is so light! I can't imagine anyone needing to order one of these cabs with optional side handles unless they're loading some very heavy speakers. All mounting hardware and wiring is included in a little plastic baggie, as well as a swatch of the requested tolex and grill cloth. If I had to make one suggestion, I'd suggest that this little pouch be taped or stapled inside the cab - I nearly missed mine as I was excited to hurriedly unpack my cabinet when it came in - I had to go back and look inside the box and packing to locate the baggie. And the cabinet was packed very well. I'd been shopping for a 2-12" cab for awhile and Rocket appeared to be the best for my money. Solid high grade finger-joined pine, choice of tolex and grill cloth, quick delivery, great customer service, made in the USA - highly recommended!

  • 5
    Soundsrite=Sounds RIGHT!!!

    Posted by JSwan on 21st Sep 2012

    It was a pleasure dealing with Paul on my Chicago 212. This cab is a solid, well built tone monster that sounds fantastic. You can tell Paul takes his time and cares about his craft. Everything was cleanly put together, tolex and grille cloth are nicely done. If you are in the market for a cab look no further.

  • 5
    It's a wonderful cabinet !!

    Posted by HK on 5th Aug 2012

    Structure is a wonderful cabinet also with a good and sufficient sound. Sounds that are better than famous "4×12 cabinets". Bass and treble spread wonderfully are pleasant. I strongly recommend it !! NOTE: This review is from a customer in Japan. The language translation is not perfect!

  • 5

    Posted by Matt Wellendorf on 28th Jun 2012

    If you are looking for a great cab for your guitar head, solid pine is the way to go. The cab I got from Paul is very solid and very well built!

  • 5
    Great 2x12" Custom Pine Cab

    Posted by Joe from Austin, TX on 12th May 2012

    The cab is very high quality, extremely well made and sounds great too. It was affordable too. The service from Paul was top notch; he kept in touch every step of the way.

  • 5
    This thing kicks

    Posted by Steve Atlanta GA. on 6th May 2012

    "This thing kicks some serious ASS !!!! I'm absolutely blown away at the difference pine makes. Let me know where I can rant a post about this cab. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY !!!"